Day 37: Frenesy.
7 gennaio 2022

Frenetic days. In the true sense of the word.

Reason why today’s blog is coming out with all this, guilty, delay. We shot a lot of material in Bitcoin Beach. Written a great script. Impactful. It’s going to be a good video. As if that wasn’t enough, we recorded an interview, the first episode of the year of my anti-prohibitionist podcast Stupefatti and the new Xmas Edition of the Bitcoin Italia Podcast. Sometimes I wish I had eight hands so I could do everything. But instead I’m only human.

We met some interesting people these days. A nomadic bitcoiner from Sweden, with whom we chatted for a long time and exchanged views on the international geopolitical situation, and a couple of Europeans, from Holland and Great Britain. Who are seriously considering moving to El Zonte, leaving their homeland and coming here to live in the Bitcoin Standard.

The fascinating thing about this passion, almost a creed, that binds us all together is that we always end up launching into amazing conversations. Crazy things. I mean, how often do you meet a stranger in real life and immediately start talking about the policies of the International Monetary Fund, the geopolitical contrast between China and the United States, the real intentions of the president of a small republic in Central America, inflation and financial control systems? Ours is an extremely stimulating community. Or extremely boring. I guess it depends on your point of view.

After shooting all the necessary material we have a lunch of vegetable burritos in one of the most hardcore places in El Zonte, before waking up the Bitcoin Car from its torpor and getting back on the road. It’s time for us to leave, once again, the beaches and jump into city life. The next few days will hopefully be eventful. Tomorrow there will be a big Bitcoin meetup in San Salvador, with lots of American stars in attendance. We’ve put ourselves on the list, all the local industry elite will be there, so many friends we’ve met over the last few weeks, who have supported us, it would be great to be able to be there. To document it, to shake new hands, to talk about adoption in the country and our Mission. There is a great vitality here in El Salvador, there is no denying that. One gets the impression that things happen here at a different pace from the rhythms of old Europe. Certainly from the Italian ones. We’ve been here for almost five weeks, and in retrospect, it feels like months.

Our fate, in the coming days will be uncertain. There are some things we haven’t told you and that we will not reveal yet. And it’s not superstition, it’s pure sadism. Mission San Salvador 2021 is really coming to an end. We still have a week to go, at the end of which our little social and economic experiment will come to an end. But as already mentioned, it’s not yet time to stop and think about it. Fortune favors the bold and at this roll of the dice we may surprise you. 

My friend Marcello, who reads, will have to forgive us. But this is the maximum analogy with the game that my little experience can grant me. He’ll have to teach me.